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People are a pain

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The people we work
with are the primary source of frustration within the workplace, according to
research from A recent poll found that messy or disorganised
colleagues irritate 40 percent of us in the office, with too much management
speak coming second with 32 percent. 16 percent of us were frustrated by too
many meetings clogging up the day. 

Monster Meter recently asked
575 workers throughout the UK, “What frustrates you most in the work place?”
The main findings are as follows: 40 percent are messy/disorganised colleagues,
32 percent said there’s  too much management speak, 16 percent said
there’s too many meetings and 12 percent cited that there’s too much 
noise/office chatter.

Feelings of frustration when
colleagues hold back their co-workers with their disorganisation or invade
others’ personal space with their mess are not unusual.  However, it is
possible that employees are completely oblivious to the frustration they are
causing. Communication is key and just having a quiet word with the
individuals’ responsible can make a world of difference. Making one simple
change to an element of their behaviour can turn irritating colleagues into
perfect co-workers.

recommends the following tips to help cope with some of the more difficult
elements of office life. When we work in busy open-plan offices it’s
occasionally impossible to escape office noise. Try bringing in headphones – if
you really need to concentrate, listening to music is an effective way of
drowning out background noise. Meetings are unfortunately a necessary part of
office life. However, if you feel that spending so much time in meetings is
detrimental to your performance, take time to assess whether your presence is always necessary
or if your time would be better spent elsewhere.

jargon can be difficult to understand, but if you ensure that you use
easy-to-understand English every time you speak or write, others are likely to
follow suit.

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