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Employees told ‘on your bike’

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Employees told “on your bike”
Cyclescheme has
been confirmed as the Government’s choice as the UK’s number one provider
of tax-free bikes for the Government’s Cycle to Work initiative.

Cyclescheme is
a straightforward programme where employees make big savings on new bikes,
employers get a healthier workforce and save money too. Now, Cyclescheme has
won a Central Government tender that effectively templates their provision
throughout the UK.

recent DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Government) open tender will
be available for use by all UK contracting Authorities including, but not
limited to, Government Departments and their Agencies, Non-Departmental Public
Bodies, Local Authorities, Police Authorities, Fire Authorities and Educational

Cooper, Co-Director of Cyclescheme, said, “This is fantastic news and is a
great reward for all our efforts. It will save thousands of pounds in man hours
and, being an open tender, it can be used by any applicable Government body
considering a Cycle to Work scheme”.

The current economic crisis has seen many employees looking to cycling to work
to save money and the opportunity to get a quality bike for up to 50 percent
off means that many new cycle commuters have hit the roads in 2009. A survey to
participants has shown a positive outcome from joining the scheme. Employees
commuting to work a few times a week went up threefold from 12 percent to 33
percent. Respondents using a Cyclescheme cycle used it for 25 percent of work
trips compared to seven percent before.

Cyclescheme currently works with 129 Councils (approximately 27 percent of
those present in the UK), 26 Fire and Rescue Authorities, 50 percent and 20
Police Authorities, 32 percent. Cyclescheme has over 10,000 clients on their
database and partner with over 1450 cycle retailer partners throughout the UK.

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29 September 2009

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