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Britons risking their health in economic slowdown

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More Britons are risking their health because they can’t afford essential medical checks, new figures suggest. A survey commissioned by HSF health plan found 48% of UK residents are putting off medical checks, such as the dentist or optician, because of the cost – a rise of 30% since 2006.


Stephen Duff, HSF health plan, says the increase may be related to the slowing economy: “The cost is living is going up and, unfortunately, this will soon be reflected in the nation’s overall health. As more of us put off visits to the dentist or optician there will be an increase in preventable diseases, like mouth cancer and glaucoma.


“Detecting dental and optical conditions early not only saves you money but also increases the chances of successful treatment. That’s why it’s especially important to sign up to a health cash plan, like HSF health plan, during times of economic strain – it will ensure your health doesn’t suffer along with your wallet.”


The survey of more than 2,000 UK residents also found that a staggering 70% believe dental visits should be covered by taxes, rather than paid for by the individual, with a further 57% adamant that the Government should be paying our optical bills. With recent public debate about hefty profits gained from hospital parking, it comes as little surprise that 43% of those questioned say extra costs from staying in hospitals, such as food in parking, should also be covered by taxes.


Duff continued: “All of the HSF health plan schemes will reimburse you from 50 – 100% of these everyday health costs not currently covered by our taxes, up to the plan maximum.”


“It’s the simplest way for people to avoid the worrying trend revealed in this survey, and to ensure they’re not putting themselves at serious and costly health risks further down the line.”

HSF health plan is the not-for-profit trading subsidiary of the registered charity the Hospital Saturday Fund. The health cash plan was established in 1873, before the NHS existed, to help people budget for their healthcare needs. HSF health plan provides a special combined optical and dental option, providing contributors with an annual pot of money that can be used flexibly, dependant on their needs, on either optical or dental care, privately or paying costs the NHS doesn’t cover.  






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