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Fifty-six percent of construction workers working ill or injured

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Scarily more than half of property and construction workers are going into work ill or injured because they can’t afford time off! 

Statutory sick pay in the UK currently sits at £87.55 a week, forcing the employed into work ill or injured because they can’t afford to live otherwise. The average Brit’s monthly bills total around £850 however with a statutory sick pay income of £350 a month this leaves the ill/injured off work struggling to find £500 a month to keep up with their finances.

Research also found that 61 percent of transport workers are going into work for ill/injured as well as a high 73 percent of healthcare workers too! The majority of these workers are on statutory sick pay and therefore avoid having time off. A high 21 percent of property and construction workers don’t get paid anything if ill however this is low in comparison to the brutal industry of performing arts. Can’t perform? Then you’re not getting paid! A HUGE 94 percent of performing arts employees have gone into work ill or injured which raises concerns around their safety. We found that the majority of them receive ZERO sick pay, forcing them into work to be able to pay the bills.

The nationwide study was conducted by First4lawyers, personal injury and employment law solicitors. With the EU Referendum on June 23 fast approaching, and potential changes taking place as a result of the outcome, many Brits are turning to other European countries to compare the way they treat their workers. As you can see here, if a Brit was to fall ill or injured and out of work for a month, they would only receive 15 percent of their monthly wage whilst Germany receive 100 percent.

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