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Blue Monday – the least productive day of the year

Justin Anderson

Who’s responsibility is it to ensure workers feel equipped and motivated to do their job? Should IT drive this, or is it down to HR and Senior Management? The truth is, it’s all of these combined. Justin Anderson, GM EMEA of Appirio (cloud consultancy experts) explains how employers can take control in 2017.

Many workers struggle with the post-holiday blues. A mixture of bad weather conditions, high debt levels post-Christmas, low motivational levels and the feeling of a need to take action add to the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday. Organisations have a responsibility to ensure days like Blue Monday doesn’t impact on the overall worker experience, but find new ways to empower workers with the tools they need to feel good about the quality of work they do which will in turn improve morale as well as productivity. But who owns the worker experience? Is it marketing, the IT department, HR or senior management?

The truth is, the time is now for all these entities to make a real impact on improving the worker experience. Creating a sense of team unity and boosting morale to eliminate any potential feeling that can impact levels of engagement and productivity, must happen throughout every department of the business. Changing the way people feel about work can have a dramatic impact on what gets done. One way to do this is to improve collaboration between employees and decision makers.

Preventing workers from feeling a little down at this time of year is a tall order, but in a landscape where 84 percent of employees state they’re frustrated when they don’t have the right tools, by making technology and information readily available to them powered by cloud capabilities, you can improve the worker experience. In turn, this will positively impact their ability to maintain productivity levels and engage with customers to provide an exceptional customer experience.

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