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Skill development and pride top graduate work wishlist

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  • Less than half (47%) of graduates feel their job lives up to their expectations
  • Graduate workforce wants more opportunities from their roles

The key consideration for nearly two thirds (63%) of UK graduates climbing onto the career ladder is to secure a role that offers opportunities to develop skills and knowledge, according to research by the British Army. 

The work ‘wish list’ also comprises earning a good salary (61%), but graduates are wanting to work somewhere that gives them the ability to do something they’re proud of (48%) and enables them to make a difference to other people’s lives (32%). 

While the majority (71%) of the UK’s graduate workforce feel mentally challenged by their current role, two fifths (42%) want more progression and development opportunities and a third (33%) crave more opportunities to learn key skills. In fact, less than half (47%) believe their role lives up to their expectations. 

The survey supports the British Army’s latest ‘With Heart With Mind’ recruitment campaign, becoming an Army Officer is a highly-skilled career that offers world-class leadership training, challenges, and the opportunity to do something that makes a difference. 

General Paul Nanson, Commandant of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst: “Graduates who choose to train as British Army Officers receive world-class opportunities for skills development from the moment they join the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. The officer training programme contributes to an accredited Master’s level pathway and individuals are nurtured and encouraged to develop themselves by internationally recognised academics, as well as some of the most respected soldiers in the British Army.  

“Our support network is second to none, with training delivered progressively, building on the natural talent every individual brings to us. This support and continuous development will last throughout your career; and can even start while you are at university, with generous bursaries for exceptional talent. British Army Officers are given real opportunities to make a positive difference to the world on a daily basis, whether they serve for a full career or just a few years. That meaningful purpose is something we know today’s new generation of leaders is looking for.” 

In addition to greater development opportunities and pride in their role, graduate employees also crave more opportunities to exercise to be fitter and healthier (32%). Currently only 13% of respondents feel their organisation takes an active interest in their health and fitness. 

Olympic gold medallist, Major Heather Stanning, lends her support to this year’s With Heart With Mind Officer Recruitment campaign and said: “I’ve always had an interest in the Army, it’s something that started at a young age when I gained an Army Scholarship at school. At university I discovered my passion for rowing, but like most students I reached the point where I needed to decide on a career path to pursue. The Army still captured my interest due to their support for taking part in sports, and the chance to try out adventure training such as parachute jumps and deep-sea diving. I’d encourage students to take a look at what the Army has to offer when it comes to weighing up career options.”

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