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There’s no gender happiness gap

Lord Price

There is no ‘gender happiness gap’ in the workplace, data from digital platform, Engaging Works shows but still much to do to in addressing reward and pay gaps. Contributor Lord Price, Founder – Engaging Works.

Data released from Engaging Works’ workplace survey shows that there is no difference between women and men in rating their happiness in the workplace. A year on from the #metoo campaign and gender pay gaps reported in large corporations such as the BBC, Lord Price says, ‘I expected my workplace happiness survey to show no improvement for women over the year and perhaps a retrenchment. But I’m pleased to say that by the narrowest of margins, women scored themselves happier at work than men overall’.

Whilst welcoming this improvement in happiness, Lord Price says that there is still much to do to get women on a level playing field when it comes to reward and pay however. The data also shows that fewer younger women, millennials, feel as though they are doing something worthwhile when compared to older, non-millennial women.  There was a staggering twelve percent difference in rating that they feel they do something worthwhile at work.

This disparity can be put down to some key social problems for that generation.  Founder of Engaging Works, Lord Price says,

The millennial age group are facing the headwinds of higher debt, less affordable housing, slower pay progression, and fewer worker protections and perhaps this may explain this worrying difference. It reinforces why work in Parliament to explore intergenerational fairness is so timely.

Commenting on the importance of engagement and happiness at work, Lord Price says, We have found academic research to show that businesses with engaged workforces have productivity which is 20 percent higher and profits 20 percent higher, so it is important for employers to help employees be engaged with their work.  At Engaging Works our mission is to make the world a little happier and we want to help businesses and individuals improve workplace happiness.

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