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Ten reasons why integrity will be vital in 2024

Integrity goes far beyond having strong moral principles. We make better decisions when we stand by our values, are honest about our objectives and act with transparency. Ten reasons why, after a tumultuous last five years, integrity is all the more vital for success in 2024.

Integrity goes far beyond having strong moral principles. We make better decisions when we stand by our values, are honest about our objectives and act with transparency. Having integrity means conquering challenges whilst understanding and taking into consideration the impact our decisions have on others and acting beyond our own personal gains. Thom Dennis, CEO at Serenity In Leadership, offers us ten reasons why, after a tumultuous last five years, integrity is all the more vital for success in 2024.

  • Integrity Equals Responsibility. Being responsible, even when it’s difficult and being able to question the impact of our decisions, having high standards and possessing critical problem-solving thinking are traits of an attuned and accountable leader. AI is a good example. Good leaders of the future will stay on top of AI advancements while keeping a firm grip on what needs to be done to still value what it means to be human.
  • Integrity Leads To Honesty. Trust is built on honesty, and both play a large role in having integrity. The Workforce Institute found 63% of employees and business leaders believe trust must be earned, so companies that consistently operate with honesty and transparency will be highly valued.  Trust has been an issue in 2023.  COP28 is a prime example where a conflict of interest was raised as a concern with news that hosts The United Arab Emirates planned to use meetings about the summit to pitch oil and gas deals to foreign governments.
  • Integrity Means Choosing What Is Right, Even If It Isn’t Easy. Making a decision may mean doing what is right, even if it doesn’t come with gratitude or recognition. It could also be making a tough decision that may upset others but is still what needs to happen. Integrity goes hand in hand with resilience and strength of character, but in the case of bad news always comes with a compassionate delivery.
  • Integrity Enables Us To Stand Up & Be Counted. Integrity reduces instances of people turning a blind eye or sitting on the fence. Being a passive bystander, for instance is not OK. This means injustices can be accounted for and resolved and a culture of support and openness is fostered. Respecting other’s values, time, and identity is a foundation of integrity and having this integrated into workplace culture can generate support and collaboration and put an end to conflict and unpleasant behaviour. The younger generations are showing themselves to be largely better at standing up and being counted. The rest of us need to learn from them.
  • Integrity Fosters Accountability. Many of us are noticing bad habits creeping in such as not accepting responsibility for mistakes or letting things fall through the cracks which can create distrust and discontent. The Global Integrity Report found that 42% of respondents reported unethical behaviour being tolerated when coming from a senior employee or high performer. Taking accountability for actions and decisions reduces conflict and builds trust.
  • Integrity Prioritises Equality & Equity. Giving everyone the space to express themselves respectfully, asking for collaboration of diverse ideas and points of view, and being equal and fair improves company outcomes, workplace satisfaction and the success of individuals.  When we walk in someone else’s shoes we can begin to understand the impact of our decisions. Many a CEO could do with trying the role and pay of a shopfloor worker.
  • Integrity Is Dependability. Being dependable and having a reputation for being so, means return business and loyal staff.  Ensuring commitments are consistently honoured to a high standard, being someone you can count on and being trusted to do what is expected of you will go a long way in 2024.
  • Integrity Shows You Are In Touch With Your Core Values (& Living Them). Integrity is aligned with a deep connection to core values, living by a moral code and remaining ethical and purposeful. Shortcuts and unethical practices can offer short-term gains, but they lead to long-term negative consequences and loss of trust.
  • Integrity Increases Respect. Upholding a fundamental commitment to treating others with respect ensures different opinions are heard, encourages fairness, creates a better work culture and means that you too are more likely to be treated with respect.
  • Integrity Develops Authenticity. Authenticity separates bad leaders from great ones.  Being true to who you are and what you stand for means congruence when looking in the mirror, speaking your truth to others and taking action, all the while being self-aware.

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