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Firms not embracing green initiatives

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Firms not embracing green initiatives

A YouGov research poll has exposed that, despite
office workers being keen to make a positive difference when it comes to the
environment, they are being held back by a lack of empowerment and facilities.

Key facts emerging from the research include: three out of
four of us think that we are leaving our green efforts at home DESPITE 79
percent of UK office workers believing that being environmentally responsible
at work has a big impact on the environment.
92 percent of office workers
believe that it is important for UK companies to be environmentally responsible,
with only 51 percent company has a green policy in place and only 54% think
their company does enough towards the environment.
48 percent
said they don’t have the right office equipment to be environmentally friendly
and 45 percent say they lack the power to do anything about it.


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