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Do you understand the mechanics Of motivation?

The professionals from Hogan Assessments have determined three ways to keep employers motivated during the second part of the year.

When employees like their jobs and have a sense of purpose, they are happier and healthier. They also make teams more effective and better serve their employers. So, engagement should be a priority for any organisation. What’s not to like about something that benefits everyone? Although you might assume all companies are on board, the truth is that most continue to neglect employee engagement.

Guide provided by Hogan Assessments 

Tactic #1 – Understanding The Mechanics Of Motivation
Motivation relates to well-being when our work satisfaction meets our deep-seated human need to find meaning. Of course, what constitutes meaningful work will differ from person to person. Some prefer public recognition while others favour private acknowledgement; some enjoy a high level of decision-making responsibility while others prefer to execute processes and tasks. “Knowing the specific drivers for each person enables leaders to position employees in roles they feel are most rewarding and to provide them with environments where they are likely to be most productive”, said Dr. Ryne Sherman, Chief Science Officer at Hogan Assessments and Host of  The Science of Personality Podcast.

Tactic #2 – Nurturing Team Psychological Safety
Safety is a basic human need. In fact, after meeting physiological needs such as food and water, humans seek to satisfy the need to feel safe. Someone who does not feel safe will likely pursue safety until it is achieved. In this sense, team psychological safety is the shared perception of whether it is safe or risky for team members to show their authentic selves to each other. The presence of fear—whether a leader’s fears or fear of the leader—destroys trust and creates a sense that interpersonal risk-taking is dangerous. “Leaders set the norms for their teams. When leaders model psychological safety with humility, authenticity, and vulnerability, team members feel safe to act the same way”, said Dr. Sherman.

Tactic #3 – Tailoring Development To The Individual
If employees are going to spend half of their waking hours at work, it is natural that they want their jobs to be rewarding. Employers can help satisfy that desire by investing in employees’ futures within the organisation, which will make employees feel valued and boost their chances of professional success. “Crafting development plans for each employee will encourage them to think about how their current roles are helping them grow professionally and benefiting their career trajectories”, concluded Dr. Sherman.

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