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Revealed – top 150 influencers pioneering the global remote work movement 


Annual report* highlights the most influential people in the world of remote and hybrid work.

The 2023 Remote Influencer Report, which was created as a resource for companies developing their remote and hybrid working practices, as well as for workers who want to pursue a remote career, names 150 of the most impactful global thinkers and leaders in the future of work.

This year, Remote has for the first time partnered with a team of expert judges for the evaluation process of the report:

  • Darren Murph, VP, Workplace Design and Remote Experience at Andela
  • Monica H. Kang, Founder and CEO of InnovatorsBox and author of Rethinking Creativity
  • Chase Warrington, Head of Remote at Doist

The research team scoured traditional and social media to identify people making an impact in the world of remote work, as well as inviting nominations from across Remote’s global network of remote work advocates. The three judges then whittled down Remote’s long list into the top 50 people in three categories that capture the evolution of remote work:

  • Innovators – those who paved the way for remote work.
  • Enablers – those who make remote work possible today.
  • Accelerators – those who influence what our working world will look like in the future.

Job van der Voort, CEO and co-founder of Remote and member of the judging panel, said:“The foundation for building a remote working culture has improved a lot, but we are still far from a world where this working model is standard and accessible to all. This new third edition of the Remote Influencer Report is the ultimate guide to the most influential and inspiring thought-leaders in the world of remote work, celebrating both the pioneers who paved the way long before the remote work model was the norm, and those who continue to show us the way forward today.”

The full list is not ranked, but includes 150 pioneering thinkers and leaders from more than 20 countries, including:

Innovators (judge: Darren Murph)

  • Anne Bibb, Founder and CEO, Remote Evolution
  • Meghan Biro, Founder and CEO, Talent Culture
  • David Blay Tapia, Co-Founder, Escuela de Trabajo Remoto
  • Nick Bloom, Professor of Economics, Stanford University
  • Egor Borushko, Co-Founder and Producer, Running Remote Conference
  • John Boudreau, Sr. Research Scientist & Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California
  • Jordan Carroll, Founder, The Remote Job Club
  • Molood Ceccarelli, Founder and CEO, Remote Forever
  • Bryan Chaney, Vice President Internal Communications & Talent Brand, Crunchyroll | Co-Founder; Board Co-Chair, Talent Brand Alliance
  • Sascha Connor, Founder & CEO, Virtual Work Inside

Enablers (judge: Monica H. Kang)

  • Andreas Klinger, Investor, Remote First Capital
  • Anna Makovnikova, Group Product Manager, Toggl
  • Brittnee Bond, Founder & Remote Work Consultant, Remote Collective | Coworking and Coliving Consultant, Bond Works
  • Chris Herd, Founder & CEO, Firstbase
  • Chris Cerra, Founder, RemoteBase
  • Danielle Farage, Director of Growth & Marketing, Café | Advisor, Digital Nomad Expo
  • Dorota Piotrowska, VP People and Organization Development, HCM Deck
  • Gary A. Bolles, Chair for the Future of Work, Singularity University | Author, “The Next Rules of Work”
  • Godspower Eseurhobo, Program Tech Product Manager, CLEAR Global | Founder, AfriSplash Remotely
  • Ivan Zhao, Founder, Notion

Accelerators (judge: Chase Warrington)

  • Alejandra Reynoso, Co-Founder & Product Manager, Nomada Latam
  • Alexander Westerdahl, HRBP & VP of HR, Spotify
  • Ali Greene, Co-Founder & Co-Author, Remote Works Book
  • Ali Pruitt, Remote Work-Life Balance Coach
  • Angela Gaylor, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, Insight Partners
  • Annie Dean, VP of Team Anywhere, Atlassian
  • Ashley Rader Sell, Director, Remote Workforce Solutions, Cleveland Clinic
  • Ben Marks, Founder & CEO, The #WorkAnywhere Campaign
  • Brent Hyder, President & Chief People Officer, Salesforce
  • Cali Williams Yost, Founder and CEO, Flex+Strategy Group

*Report from Remote

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