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Getting engaged

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New research reveals employers are changing their people priorities. In this down economy, UK employers are placing increasing importance on staff engagement.

Interviews with 40 HR managers from small to large-sized companies found businesses are increasingly changing structure in response to the recession. Respondents recognise engaged employees are better placed to cope with such organizational and job duty changes. They also support smoother transitions into new working practices. Most employers acknowledge their people are a key asset. So with limited scope for pay rises and other financial rewards, employee benefits are playing an increasingly important role. In some sectors this means closely monitoring competitors’ benefit packages to attract and retain good people. Employers are also looking to benefit providers to help engage employees with their health and wellness products and services. 

Other points of interest raised, driven by the Government’s focus on welfare reform, were: The increasing awareness of the significance of employee health and welfare. The expectation that responsibility for employee health will shift from the state to employers. The belief that benefits providers will have a key role to play in developing solutions to meet these new responsibilities. Ann Dougan, Marketing Director says: “CIGNA understands why employers are keen to fully engage employees and we welcome the chance to support them. We can do this by providing employees with a personalised service through our occupational health programmes. The focus is on giving employees access to expert advice to help keep them fit for work.”

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