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VIDEO – Unconscious Bias – The Key Terms

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Binna Kandola, founder of business psychologists Pearn Kandola and author of The Invention of Difference and The Value of Difference, introduces the key terms associated with the study of unconscious bias and explains their significance in the workplace. 

Diversity and inclusion isn’t about ticking boxes or being politically correct – it’s about relationships, leadership and culture. Is difference in your organisation genuinely valued and nurtured, or merely tolerated? 

Key terms around unconscious bias covered within this video include the ‘Culture of Presenteeism’, where individuals feel they have to be at work even though they are less productive, ‘Micro-iniquities’, the minor ways in which bias may manifest itself at work and finally, ‘Group Conformity’ and ‘Group Think’, where individuals feel they must behave in the same way as their colleagues. 

Binna later explores how our perception of the world around us influences bias and explains what drew his attention to the study of unconscious bias. 

Pearn Kandola works in partnership with clients to understand their diversity and inclusion issues and develop interventions that have a genuine impact. For more information on Pearn Kandola and their diversity and inclusion work, visit

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