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Are we heading towards another Great Resignation?

Steve Baggi - KultraLab

A new report* suggests that organisations must do more to make meaningful progress towards creating inclusive organisations.  ‘The Power of Difference’ outlines that whilst positive intent is there, the lived experience of employees suggests that more needs to be done.

The last few years have seen workforces stretched to their limits.  The report suggests that the fallout from the Covid pandemic, the acceleration of change and transformation and the cost of living crisis, have left people feeling deflated and unsupported by their organisations.  This has led to a disconnect between the organisation and workforce, where employees do not feel they can be their true selves at work.

The research, conducted between December 2022 and February 2023, included interviews with over 40 leaders from global organisations and a survey with 500 employees from the broader workforce.

Key findings of the report included:

  • 38% reported actively looking to leave their organisation in the next 12 months
  • 48% reported experiencing offensive, embarrassing or hurtful conduct at work
  • 42% reported feeling burnt out at work
  • 30% do not believe their unique background and identity are valued

Despite positive intent by organisations, who have implemented a number of initiatives and targets, they are still grappling with how to create an inclusive environment for everyone.  An environment where everyone feels supported and a sense of belonging and safety to bring their whole self to work and live up to their true potential.

Feedback from employees called for organisations to do more.  Many also hoped the study could help create positive cultural change in organisations.

In response to the findings, KultraLab has created a three-step roadmap and framework of key pillars and cultural drivers to help organisations build more inclusive cultures and workplaces.  These will help to create the conditions for all employees to be themselves and to unlock their difference.  This includes:

  • Inclusion Culture Index – helps organisations measure and assess how inclusive their culture is today and identifies current strengths, risk and areas of opportunity.
  • Inclusion Organisational Maturity Matrix – a framework to help organisations identify and define how holistic and mature their overall approach is to developing inclusion within the workplace.
  • Inclusive Behaviours – the KultraLab digital Inclusivity Coach outlines the core behaviours that must be developed and embedded across the entire organisation to foster feelings of inclusion.

Steve Baggi, CEO and Founder, KultraLab said, “From our research it is clear that organisations need to act quickly if they want to retain their people.  It is not enough to simply put diversity targets in place. A focus is needed on tapping into motivation, engagement and positive behaviours. Winning hearts and minds first is an unlock to building self-awareness and awareness of the difference in others.  People leaders need to use their influence and position to truly unlock the power of inclusion and create great places to work where everyone can be themselves and unlock their potential.  Our digital inclusivity coach can help with that journey by embedding core behaviours across all levels of an organisation to drive behavioural change and create inclusive cultures.”

*Resarch by KultraLab, in partnership with World Retail Congress and inBeta,

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