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Gen Y still loves flex

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Gen Y still loves flex

New research from the Centre for Women in Business at London Business School has found that Generation Y (defined as those born between 1977 and 2000) perceives flexibility to be their greatest asset in coping with the current economic climate.

The research entitled The Reflexive Generation: Young Professionals’ Perspectives on Work, Career and Gender has found that at a time when old structures such as jobs for life and final salary pensions are breaking down, Generation Y are increasingly in charge of shaping their own careers, skill set and financial planning. This flexibility is perceived as their biggest asset with their careers paths being characterised by endless opportunity in a variety of directions.

The study also found males and females of this generation perceive that gender discrimination is no longer an issue in the workplace and that a gender balance is slowly being reached. Very few gender differences were found throughout the study, supporting the idea that men and women of this generation have very similar ideas about work and career. Also, generation Y perceive diversity to be the ‘norm’ and feel that this environment is enriching, as a wider talent pool produces better solutions and ideas. 

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29 June 2009

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