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Computer science grads earn five times more than counterparts

Sheila Flavell

UK companies are crying out for graduates with the latest technical skills, particularly in key areas such as cybersecurity and IT management. These statistics prove that training in this discipline will lead to significant salaries and bright career prospects, yet still not enough people are choosing this path. Contributor Sheila Flavell, Chair – Institute of Coding and COO at FDM Group.

The reality is that the tech industry lacks diversity; there is still a very poor representation of women and those from diverse backgrounds, and this has to change. We cannot build a digital economy of the future unless we create a workforce that is rich in IT skills and truly reflective of the society it serves. To counter this challenge, businesses need to send a clear signal about the benefits of entering this sector and work hard to attract people from all walks of life.

Rachid Hourizi, director, Institute of Coding comments: “These findings underline the critical role digital skills are playing in the UK jobs market. The fact that computing graduates earn some of the highest starting salaries is a reflection of the value employers place upon technical qualifications and will help encourage more people to pursue careers in this area.

Despite impressive pay and perks, the fact remains that not enough young people are entering STEM subjects, which means the skills gap is still a significant issue for businesses. That’s why it’s vital that the worlds of industry and academia work together to encourage people take up these courses and widen access for the next generation and beyond.”

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Receive more HR related news and content with our monthly Enewsletter (Ebrief)