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Six million workers fear replacement by AI

Rupal Karia

There are many who fear AI and the responsibility for helping the public on this journey shouldn’t be down to just the Government. Contributor Rupal Karia, Head of Commercial Sector – Fujitsu UK & Ireland.

Instead of looking at how technologies can reduce jobs, we should be looking at how they make way for employees to spend more times focusing on their ‘customer’, ‘client’ or ‘patients’. A digital-first nation has meant that a huge amount of jobs are being – and will be created – in lieu of those that are at risk of disappearing.

If our nation is to remain competitive, it is vital that new jobs are created which will help make a better society. Emerging technologies such as AI and driverless cars are completely transforming Britain. But for these changes to remain positive, there is an urgent need for technology companies to take responsibility and ensure innovation is helping all people from all corners of the UK.

In our latest report this notion was strongly echoed by the general public: where advances in technology do displace jobs, almost two-thirds (60 percent) believe technology companies are responsible for reskilling displaced workers.

If we are to ensure the UK lives up to its digital potential, it is not just the responsibility of the government to educate the public and help them on this journey; the tech sector and UK companies should join forces with the government to ensure the UK remains a global leader in an increasingly digital world.

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Receive more HR related news and content with our monthly Enewsletter (Ebrief)