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How to navigate global payroll through the challenges of Brexit

The impact of Brexit (the departure of the UK from the European Union) can be seen across many part of our working lives: European travel rules have changed and you will now need specific licenses and certificates for both imports and exports. Brexit has affected our digital footprint, too. You will now need specific clauses to transfer personal data between the EU and UK. As a business owner, your team will regularly handle confidential, personal data, most often through your payroll processes. Global payroll - an already complex process where teams will have to keep track of numerous data streams at any one time - has been hugely impacted by Brexit.

Article by 25 February 2021


Why bosses should invest in training and development

Today it feels like change is the only constant that you can rely on. Brexit, digital transformation, industry 4.0 and a changing make-up of the workforce, it’s no surprise that resilience has never been higher on the boardroom agenda. Retaining and upskilling employees in the next few months may well prove critical to business success.

Article by 6 October 2019


Valuing the truth, over politeness

In a world searching for meaning, conflict offers the opportunity to understand the depth behind individual contribution and to talk openly about the third alternative; because there is rarely only two.

Article by 10 January 2019


Brexit, Borders, and Group Insurance

Much has been made of borders in the speculation around Brexit. While focus has been on the Irish border, there is a generalised desire to limit the imposition of so-called “hard” borders after the UK leaves the European Union. These discussions focus on trade barriers, and what remains very much in the air is how people movement will be affected. While limiting free movement is in essence a political problem, it does have very practical repercussions.

Article by 15 November 2018