The Resilience Dynamic

The Resilience Dynamic

The simple, proven approach to high performance and wellbeing

Author: Jenny Campbell

Review by: Gemma Dale

As the title suggests, this book is a deep dive into the subject of resilience.  Drawing on both her personal practice and a wide variety of research, Jenny Campbell delivers a highly engaging and thought provoking text that would interest both readers new to the topic as well as those who already have a reasonable grasp of the concept. 

Campbell challenges the contemporary narrative of resilience being all about ‘bounce back ability’ and instead defines resilience as being the individual’s ability to adapt and capacity for change.  She goes on to address myths about what resilience is and is not, and shares easily accessible models to help the reader understand their own levels of resilience.   The book is packed with practical exercises, examples, points for reflection and guidance on supporting and building personal resilience.  It’s the kind of text that is easy to dip and out of should you need a refresh.  A particularly interesting chapter explores the barriers to resilience; what are those things that, for many of us, impact negatively upon our resilience – and how to tackle them. 

This text would be of interest to individuals seeking insight into themselves, but is also highly relevant to people professionals or business leaders looking to better understand reliance in order to enable it within their workforce. 

A thoroughly interesting and thought provoking read. 

Gemma Dale is the co-author of ‘Putting Social Media to Work for the Busy Executive’.

Published by Practical Inspiration

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