Better Business Relationships

Better Business Relationships

Insights from Psychology and Management for Working in a Digital World.

Author: Kim Tasso

Review by: Carolyn Dyer

This book by Kim Tasso is a ‘must-have’ for any forward-thinking Human Resources function. The content forms an anthology of theories and practice centred on improving relationships with colleagues, stakeholders and clients.

The format is very readable with a logical progression from ‘knowing self ‘through to developing team and client insights. As a seasoned HR practitioner of some thirty years’ experience, I found this a useful ‘aide-memoire’ regarding some of the tried and tested practices such as Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and MBTI but Tasso also gives the reader insight to newer thinking such as creating a personal brand. In today’s environment of several generations in the workplace, this book has relevance for many, regardless of starting point as a ‘digital native’ or not. 

I am currently coaching young professionals at work, relatively new to the Organisational Development discipline and I’ve recommended that as part of their development, they use Kim Tasso’s book as a lexicon of practice for today.

Tasso’s style is straightforward, engaging and the useful summaries at the end of each section are concise. It is most definitely a book to have to hand to explore what tools might be available. What it is not, nor do I think is it intended to be, is a ‘how to’ guide with significant depth.   

I’ll be donating my copy to our workplace library as a very practical, readable, accessible guide.

Carolyn Dyer – Head of HR and OD, Registers of Scotland (interim)   

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