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Managing HR – Driving Performance

The commonly held view in many organisations seems to be that “performance management” is something that you do at particular times – maybe once a year when it’s the dreaded appraisal meeting or when a member of staff is seen ... View Article

Article by 26 June 2014


Human Resources vs Disney – Ice Cold Coaching

I seem to be developing a blog-posting Disney theme…First the Lego movie then the Lion King one and now a bit about how coaching can help, thanks to the Frozen movie. It’s about the journey that I’ve experienced from being coached, as ... View Article

Article by 23 June 2014


HR Strategy – Extreme Recruitment

Things we know: The sense of survival, along with the urges to reproduce and nurture are three of the most powerful motivating forces. Forces that govern much of what we humans do, hope to do…or if all else fails, lie about ... View Article

Article by 2 June 2014