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Tom Haak

Can HR stand the heat in the kitchen?

Metaphors are dangerous. For this blog post I try to use cooking as inspiration, and a little bit as a metaphor for HR and the impact of HR on organisations. Ingredient number 1: El Bulli – Cooking in progress (movie ... View Article

Article by 16 April 2015

Carl Fitzsimons

Cracking the Talent Code

We all  know about managing Talent don’t we?…and we manage it very well , thanks for asking. No need to dwell on this point… We look after our High Potentials, we talk about them, (at least once a year) we put them ... View Article

Article by 27 March 2015

Perry Timms

Flexible Working – the future of work

I’ve said it many times over: the future of work is simply this one word: flexible. Flexible in why it’s done in a range of ways is a total no-brainer.  Fast paced, high expectation, always on yada, yada, yada. Flexible ... View Article

Article by 23 March 2015

Gemma Dale

People Policy – Less is More

Almost every people policy I have ever seen is about twice as long as it really needs to be. Many fall into the same traps, over and over, adding little in the way of practical value. So I challenge you. ... View Article

Article by 13 March 2015

Emma Browes

Inclusion – Here’s looking at you

I have a very painful memory from high school. At the start of one year the girl who had been my best friend since primary school ignored me and went and sat with another group of girls, cooler girls than ... View Article

Article by 10 March 2015


Modern Life is Tricky

The hardest questions to resolve are those where people on both sides of the debate think that their reality has an automatic truth, a rightness to it that should automatically be recognised by others. That what they believe to be ... View Article

Article by 3 March 2015


On the Inside

When I was growing up I went to school in Dundee.  We’d moved there from Newcastle and, when my sister and I started school, the other pupils clearly spotted us as different.  English.  This wasn’t a great thing to be ... View Article

Article by 2 March 2015


3 reasons your Hiring Manager should be social

Earlier today I received an email from a manager and still cannot find the words to explain how overjoyed I was with the content. Within the email was a LinkedIn connection request received from a very eager individual, keen to ... View Article

Article by 27 February 2015