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Changing Pains

A number of years ago I was pulled into one of those "fun" group exercises with a very serious message, you may have played it. Asked to stand in two lines with your back to your partner, we were first each asked to make 3 changes about our dress, the game then being to turn and spot the changes your partner made.

Article by 3 February 2014


A flawed solution?

First of all I don’t think the current pension system in the UK works. The state pension was a Victorian solution and the rise and demise of the company pension schemes has meant that we are essentially coming full circle. The big question for me and my peers is not can I retire at 55 but how do I ensure that I have sufficient funds to retire when I want, or when I’m forced to retire.

Article by 21 January 2014


Why I never wanted to be an HR Director.

A great pleasure to be asked to contribute to the HR DIrector Blog. I've been an independent practitioner now for 16 months and having held "Head of..." posts I've never been an HRD. Nor wanted to be. And here's why.

Article by 16 January 2014


The pros and cons of blogs

I'm delighted to see theHRDIRECTOR launch theHRBLOG, and equally delighted to be a guest blogger. In this launch month, it seems appropriate to look at the topic of blogs and how they can help HR and I want to start by looking at the pros and cons of blogs:

Article by 13 January 2014


Don’t Eat That Marshmallow (Yet)

Pensions. A word that, in my experience, has the capacity to strike fear into the hearts of even seasoned HR pros who otherwise laugh in the face of thorny TUPE queries, pour scorn on negotiating detailed compromise agreements and ridicule ... View Article

Article by 10 January 2014


Recruitment – Estate Agents and Poorly Aligned Incentives

Estate agents, in general, describe their properties that they are trying to sell in a different way, receive a higher price for their own properties and leave their own properties on the market for longer (10 days).  In other words as soon as they start acting on your behalf they are less concerned about getting the right result for you - and more concerned about making a sale. .

Article by 8 January 2014


Strategic Workforce Planning

Once upon a time there was a man and his wife who had been married more years than they could remember and who were stuck in a rut of holidaying every year in Skegness. This year, fed up with the ... View Article

Article by 7 January 2014


Managing Carers at Work

We are just a few short years away from a tipping point around caring; there will be more people that need care than there are family members to meet that demand.  An ageing population plus the rise in long term ... View Article

Article by 7 January 2014