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How to navigate global payroll through the challenges of Brexit

The impact of Brexit (the departure of the UK from the European Union) can be seen across many part of our working lives: European travel rules have changed and you will now need specific licenses and certificates for both imports and exports. Brexit has affected our digital footprint, too. You will now need specific clauses to transfer personal data between the EU and UK. As a business owner, your team will regularly handle confidential, personal data, most often through your payroll processes. Global payroll - an already complex process where teams will have to keep track of numerous data streams at any one time - has been hugely impacted by Brexit.

Article by 25 February 2021

Future of the Office: The ‘Hybrid’ Way Of Working

Every business has had its operational framework thrown into question over the year. A national crisis required fast responses and an experimentation with a new working style, so it’s no surprise that working from home (and during a global pandemic) hasn’t been without challenges. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t here to stay. Flexible working hours, remote working options and collaborative workspaces aren’t anything new. Covid-19 has simply accelerated what changes were already in place. Employers saw the value of a flexible working model that prioritised their team’s wellbeing long before this pandemic.

Article by 9 February 2021