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About Sarah Dennis

Sarah Dennis, Head of International at The Health Insurance Group, joined the company in 2014 with over 20 years senior management industry experience for intermediaries and insurers. Sarah has won a number of industry awards and is a regular speaker, committee member and contributor to global industry conferences and the media. Sarah is responsible for corporate international private medical insurance, expatriate cover, and the development of exclusive SME and expatriate products.

Hiring local nationals is on the rise, so how can HR support employees?

As Covid-19 travel restrictions continue to impact businesses, many are turning to recruiting local nationals to fill vacancies where hiring a globally mobile workforce may have previously been the norm. The pandemic has added another layer of complexity to managing an international workforce, and HR professionals need to ensure that their recruitment and retention strategy is fit for purpose to remain competitive and attract the best talent.

Article by 5 November 2020

How to prepare staff for international assignments

As a business expands into new territories, for the assignment to be a success it’s important that employees relocating are supported and well looked after, not only during their secondment abroad but before they travel.

Article by 7 January 2020

Three ways to beat recent price rises when buying IPMI

Has the cost of your international private medical insurance (IPMI) ballooned? If so you are not alone. There have been significant increases in the cost of international policies for many employers, with prices up by as much as 50% in some cases.

Article by 27 June 2018

Stop overseas assignments failing

Employers need to think about the greater range of needs of this more diverse workforce during each stage of moving away, adapting to a new country and returning home, to ensure that everyone, regardless of age or life stage, are properly supported.

Article by 25 April 2018

Location, Location, Location

Accepting an expat position can have huge benefits for an employee and their family. The breadth of experience it brings is difficult to rival but there is another side too. The pressure of taking on a new job with the added upheaval of an international move can be really demanding for the employee and stressful for their family too. A spouse may have to significantly change or give up their own job, and children will need to adjust to a new school and find new friends.

Article by 5 March 2018