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Rob Baker

About Rob Baker

Rob is a specialist at bringing ideas from positive psychology and behavioural science to life through consultancy, interventions, workshops and coaching. Rob is the author of Personalization at Work by Kogan Page and has presented to organisations and conferences about job crafting around the globe. Rob founded Tailored Thinking in 2017 and it was named HR Consultancy of year by the CIPD in 2020.

Why there needs to be an I in Team

I first heard the phrase “there is no I in TEAM” during my graduate training. The sentiment has followed me throughout my career, popping up in presentations and training sessions. Whilst well intentioned, I think at best its misguided and at worst altogether wrong. A quick internet search tells us that whilst the precise origins of the phrase are unclear it first appeared in newspaper print in the early 1960s. It’s likely that it had its roots in sports, where there is a mantra that there is no one player that is bigger than the team.

Article by 15 December 2020