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About Richard Peachey

Richard combines many years’ experience of client relationship management, project delivery and sales & marketing with expert knowledge of workplace conflict and resolution. He’s ideally placed to work as a trusted advisor to clients on their issues and developing the best solutions. Clients include public sector bodies (NHS, Government departments, local government, universities), large private sector employers and third sector organisations.

Why raising the standard of workplace investigations has become urgent

Workplaces are fraught with new sensitivities and complexities. The number of employment rights under which an employee could make a tribunal claim has more than trebled since the 1980s - and now, the muddle of Covid-19, the pressures from movements such as Black Lives Matter and #metoo have brought yet further potential for disputes, activism and disruption.

Article by 13 October 2020

Now’s not the time to cut HR budgets

Lockdown has been a test lab. There have been high-profile cases of how using remote technologies changes the dynamic and can catch people out: such as Wales’ Health Minister Vaughan Gething, who was heard being abusive about a fellow Assembly member on Zoom by 20 other participants. But also, more generally, there’s been reports of how remote working creates new fault lines and pressures in team relationships and more potential for conflict. There have been many cases of an increased sense of togetherness among remote workers, battling adversity through lockdown, but this was a temporary phenomenon. The novelty and glow of community has been replaced by a growing familiarity with the realities of the ‘new normal’.

Article by 23 July 2020

The 2020s: decade of employee activism

The age of deference to authority is over. What was once a natural, common instinct is in short supply. No longer is there an assumption that employers are laudable institutions with worthy intentions - or a sense of the need to bow down to managers and bosses. Employees want reassurance and proof of an employer’s commitment to a social and environmental ‘good’.

Article by 17 March 2020

The horror of bullying at France Télécom

Between 2008 and 2009, 35 employees of France Télécom committed suicide. One woman threw herself from a fifth-floor window in front of her colleagues. Many had left notes explaining that the ‘terror’ of bullying from management had made them feel they had no other choice.

Article by 28 January 2020