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About Rick Kershaw

Rick Kershaw is the Chief People Officer at employee analytics and people management firm, Peakon. Rick has more than 20 years of HR and talent management experience at businesses such as Pepsi, Mitsubishi and most recently, Expedia Group. He now heads up Peakon’s People team and is passionate about supporting talented people to do their best work every day.

Could this pandemic hold a small silver lining for employees?

In March this year, the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world of work upside down. As our typical schedules fell to dust, employees globally looked to their organisations for support, reassurance and information. But what were they met with? According to the reports that followed, some employers were quick to adopt new ways of working and to introduce measures to support staff, while others struggled to adapt. Some people working from home relished their newfound freedom, while others worried about their productivity and suffered with disengagement and fatigue.

Article by 3 December 2020

Bridging the gap: Meeting the expectations of a hybrid workforce

We have entered a new phase of the coronavirus pandemic. While it still feels too soon to say we’re emerging from it, some organisations are taking tentative steps in that direction. This is evident in the rising proportion of people gradually returning to their places of work. Last week, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released data indicating that 44% of adults had travelled to work in the past seven days, compared with 41% in the previous week.

Article by 10 July 2020