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About Niamh O'Keeffe

Niamh O'Keeffe, (UK) is a leadership advisor, established author and the founder of First100 and The Prosper Leadership Academy. She has over 25 years career experience in leadership advisory services - including strategy consulting, executive search and leadership coaching. Niamh's client list spans multiple industries and includes advising leaders of entrepreneurial ventures in London and New York, as well as senior executives at global corporations.

How HR leaders can prepare for the future and take their teams with them

As national lockdowns ease, HR leaders should prepare for a new beginning, not a new normal. The global pandemic was a mega-event disruption, a true game-changer which may happen again – and again – during the decade 2020-2030 until science and technology develop vaccines and ever faster responses to sars viruses. We cannot expect to go back to the way we were. Instead we have to accept our new reality – living with COVID-19 flares up, new sars viruses and regular local or national lockdowns. As HR leaders you need to find a way to move forward with confidence and optimism while acknowledging that the market and your organisation are still in a state of flux.

Article by 6 August 2020