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About Michael Brown

Michael Brown has been developing leadership and behavioural skills in organisations around the world for 20 years.

He specialises in building behavioural skills in complex international organizations such as Cisco, Telefonica and Morgan Stanley. During this 20year stage of his career he has worked face to face with nearly 10,000 people. This has given him an in-depth personal insight into their hopes, fears and challenges as they try to keep ahead in a rapidly evolving and increasingly dysfunctional workplace.

Redefining productivity and how it is measured – The five reasons why productivity is so elusive

We’re good at being unproductive in the UK. It’s all part of our British heritage, along with our unique sense of irony and our weird and equally unique traditions. This is despite the repeated efforts of our captains of industry to shake off our dull sloth and seize the opportunity to jump to the top of the productivity league table, so we can all share in the profits which will thenceforth automatically flow.

Article by 6 February 2020

How do YOU prefer to deal with bullying?

Do you know anyone who has been bullied at work? Chances are that you do. That person might even be you. Have you also noticed that some people deal with it a lot better than others? Why might that be?

Article by 18 July 2019