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About Matt Weston

Matt Weston is the UK Managing Director for Robert Half. Matt has worked for Robert Half for nearly 20 years and joined as a recruitment consultant for the finance and accounting team. Prior to his appointment at UK Managing Director, Matt was the Director for professional staffing across the UK South, encompassing the finance and accounting, financial services, human resources and administration recruitment.

Preparing for the Next ‘New Normal’ – How to retain and attract the best talent post-lockdown

As the latest UK employment overview from the ONS confirms, COVID-19 has truly set us on the path to a buyers’ market – but it is a buyers’ market with a difference. Despite the challenging climate, the skills shortage hasn’t disappeared so key professionals have continued to see a rise in demand, so much so that many are reassessing their career options post-COVID-19.

Article by 11 August 2020

How COVID-19 has impacted organisational culture

Organisational culture is an important part of why employees choose to work for a company – and what keeps them there for the long-term too. More specifically, the culture of an organisation is exactly what makes employees feel as though they ‘fit’ within a workplace, which can affect happiness, motivation and ultimately, productivity.

Article by 26 June 2020

How Coronavirus has impacted the most in-demand skills

The term “unprecedented times” has been used a lot over the last few months to describe the current pandemic. But many businesses are starting to think about the implications of these “unprecedented times” from another, more forward-looking angle.

Article by 19 June 2020

What are the key drivers behind employment during COVID-19?

While COVID-19 has resulted in many companies reducing their overhead and/or streamlining headcount, it has also driven demand for specific technical and analytical skillsets as companies revise their strategic priorities to respond to and recover from the crisis.

Article by 12 June 2020

Why bosses should invest in training and development

Today it feels like change is the only constant that you can rely on. Brexit, digital transformation, industry 4.0 and a changing make-up of the workforce, it’s no surprise that resilience has never been higher on the boardroom agenda. Retaining and upskilling employees in the next few months may well prove critical to business success.

Article by 6 October 2019

Tomorrow’s talent pipeline: preparing for a digital future

The current labour market is in the midst of an evolution. Across all sectors, digital transformation is changing the way that businesses operate and shifting the in-demand skills for the workplace of the future. This 2019 Salary Guide revealed that two in five UK organisations (38%) consider digitalisation to be the main evolving force in the workplace today.

Article by 24 September 2019