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About Marianne Page

Marianne Page is an award-winning leader and developer of high performing teams. She inspires successful small business owners to build the simple systems and high performing team that will free them from the day to day of their operation, giving them back the time to enjoy a fulfilling life, confident that their business is running as it should.

The Performance Management Revolution

As we begin to re-imagine a new, better normal and assess how work evolution has been accelerated by the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, many of the traditional foundations on which employment have been based for generations, look medieval and none more-so than the cornerstone of Performance Management, the dreaded annual performance review. Clearly it has no place in the present and future frame and arguably, was never fit for purpose. Few would argue that performance reviews were anything other than an anathema to the spirit of creativity and collaboration. But by far the greatest negative of annual reviews was the blunt instrument of either financial rewards for positive or punitive action for negative. In the evolving world of collaborative effort and knowledge share, the reality is that contribution is far more complex, nuanced and discretionary.

Article by 24 September 2020