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Louisa Weinstein

About Louisa Weinstein

Louisa Weinstein has been passionate about mediation since over 20 years ago where as a corporate lawyer she saw how mediation provided solutions where law fell short.

She has over 15 years’ experience in mediation and now heads up The Conflict Resolution Centre, which brings together exceptional mediators and trainers serving clients over various sectors. Louisa’s book The 7 Principles of Conflict Resolution is out now.

Productivity, Collaboration and Communication in the New Normal: 5 lessons from the masters

As teams begin to return to work, increasing numbers will be working remotely at least in part. This is something that companies like Wordpress, Buffer and Zapier have been doing for a while. Their experience can teach us a great deal and provide opportunities for innovation that will survive beyond Covid 19. Buffer’s study on the State of Work in 2020 reported that 40% of remote workers surveyed cited lack of collaboration, communication, and loneliness as their biggest struggles. These factors can often lead to conflict within teams and, crucially, personal unhappiness. If this is not addressed early as part of everyday culture it quickly starts to fester and employees become harder to reach. The impact on productivity, communication, collaboration and mental health is pretty immediate and can quickly spiral.

Article by 30 June 2020

Finding our way through the uncomfortable truths – whistleblowing, bullying and harassment

When we encounter whistleblowing, bullying and harassment, we are confronted by the need to discuss the thorny issue of the “truth” and our perception of it. The investigation of and search for an objective truth is often driven by a need to establish right and wrong. This is followed, in some form or other, by the identification of a perpetrator and a victim, of a “crime” and punishment. This can cause us to be very cautious with our words and the truths we affiliate ourselves with. It can also cause us to oversimplify the issues, avoid the grey areas and curtail discussions that are difficult. This leads to a breakdown of trust and, with that, an unwillingness to be truthful for fear of unfair incrimination.

Article by 17 July 2019

Three steps to mitigate the damaging impact of low-level conflict on engagement

There are several insidious but potent triggers for disengagement within an organisation that start with low level conflicts. When we start to analyse the link between these triggers and disengagement, we can begin to create opportunities to re-engage members of the workforce. We can also uncover some quick wins to pre-empt or even avoid similar conflicts and/or disengagement in the first place.

Article by 30 April 2019

Pre-empting the Health and Safety risk of everyday conflict at work

Although the holiday period is, for many, a joyful and deeply fulfilling time of year, we know that for many, it can be an extremely challenging and even lonely time.  As the holiday period approaches, staff most keenly affected by conflict are generally those working in client facing roles.  Some will regularly be working with people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Equally they might just be under extreme pressure either personal or professional to “get things done” or “meet targets” before Christmas.  This presents dangers not only to the physical safety in the event of often erratic behaviour but also to the mental health of front-line staff. 

Article by 18 December 2018

From Manager to Resolution Agent: The management superpower

In the book “A Tale for the Time Being” by Ruth Ozeki, one of the main protagonists, a centenarian female Buddhist Priest says that everyone has a superpower.  When faced with seemingly intractable workplace conflict, leaders of organisations and HR can feel like they need managers with superpowers. What we don’t always see is that, with some core conflict resolution tools and infrastructure, they can find that they do.

Article by 16 October 2018