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About Lucy Thompson

Lucy is the Chief People Office for Enginuity Group. An accredited GCologist, she is a Gamechanger and Strategist and specialises in people transformation and organisation effectiveness. Fascinated by organisation systems and cultures, she is proud to be deliberately different - having taken an unconventional career path to HRD with significant experience in Executive Coaching and Team Coaching, team facilitation and leading organisations through significant transformation.

Transforming from the inside out – Confessions of a CPO living the journey of transformation in an SME during COVID-19

Change. What does it mean for you? What images does it bring front and centre to your mind? what’s the feeling that you have right now, in the pit of your stomach as you think about change? I imagine it’s a different feeling to 4 months ago. Do you get a rush of excitement thinking about all the possibilities change can bring or are you feeling apprehensive at the fear of what the unknown might mean for routines and ‘norms’? How is transformation different from change? What does it mean for organisations? Surely the smaller the organisation the easier it is – right??

Article by 7 July 2020

Leaders, what Leaders?

There is nothing like global pandemic to take what you’ve always known and the way you’ve always done things and tip it up on its head, turn it inside out and lead you to think about how to start it again.

Article by 3 June 2020