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About Kirstin Furber

Kirstin has over 20 year experience across a number of senior HR roles within the media and entertainment industry and more recently ClearScore, a leading Fintech company where she was the Chief People officer.

Prior to Channel 4, Kirstin was Chief People officer at Clearscore, People Director at BBC Worldwide the commercial arm, and a wholly-owned subsidiary, (BBC) employing approximately 1800 employees, across 14 countries and a member of the Worldwide Executive Committee. Previously Kirstin has held Executive HR Director at Twentieth Century Fox, VP of HR International at Discovery Channel and positions at Ziff Davis, Warner Bros and the Granada Media Group. Kirstin is also a non executive for the London Football Association.

Building Culture Today

In the past few months the world we live and work in has completely changed. We used to refer to the phrase ‘the future of work’ and the catch phrase seems to be, ‘the new normal’. This phrase is being met with mixed feelings - personally I hate it! Regardless of what we call it, this is our world today. As we adapt to our new circumstances and get ready for what comes next, we know, from experience that things can change very quickly. So, as leaders, what do we need to do to be prepared? Before we look at what is next, I believe it's important to outline what we know for certain.

Article by 27 October 2020

Telling Your Story – Effective Communication

Effective communication with your audiences is even more important that is has been in the past, given the volume of information we are consuming on all our different devices and various platforms. It’s all about ‘cutting through’ and being relevant to get messages across. This is something marketers have been doing for years, but today customers, potential clients, business partners, and employees place great importance on being able to trust the messages we see. As consumers, we are not only searching for the information we need, we are looking for reassurance. Whether we are researching something we are going to buy, who we vote for, or information to inform our beliefs and opinions we need to trust information that’s communicated by companies and its credibility.

Article by 8 October 2019

The need for Leadership Authenticity as organisations transform

In the world of personalisation, algorithms predicting what we are going to do next and robots taking on more of the tasks that people used to do, there is even more of a need to integrate empathy, authenticity and the human factor in our leadership who ever we are in the organisation from the CEO to those who have just started out in the company. As we imagine the future of work, we should see that human emotional intelligence is going to be needed more than ever alongside the technological advances we will be working with.

Article by 29 August 2019

How do you support a diverse and inclusive culture, practically?

We have known for some time diverse boards are better performing. One recent study found that diverse companies produce 19% more revenue. Diversity of thought leads to innovation and competitive advantage - that translates to the bottom line. We have also seen the rise in governance and regulatory requirements (e.g gender pay gap reporting) contributing to diversity and inclusion being a topic high on board agendas. All good news, awareness is rising!

Article by 23 May 2019

How is Human Resources Evolving?

So what does a modern, dynamic HR professional look like? How is this people function evolving? What should HR professionals/those hiring for HR roles be thinking about? And as a profession, how should we be developing our skills so we can keep a step ahead? Everything from our job titles to our way of thinking about business to evolving, but the key ingredient is approaching every aspect of our roles in an authentic way.

Article by 26 March 2019