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Joanne-Regan Iles

About Joanne-Regan Iles

Joanne is a senior HR Leader with a proven track record of adding significant value to large corporate companies in all areas of HR and people engagement strategy across Europe in fast paced BPO environments. Joanne has particular experience at developing and implementing strategic people related programmes, which build high performing teams and deliver real benefits at an operational level.

Enter a New Reality of Employee Training –
Prepare your workforce with simulated learning that mirrors real-life scenarios.

When virtual reality (VR) technology first came out it was a novelty primarily seen as an innovative way for gamers to dive into a digital world. It has grown into something so much more—a collaborative and interactive application that is a key tool in any modern workplace’s arsenal. Organisations that want to meet the expectations of the millennial and Gen Z workforce need to understand the types of technology they prefer to use, both for personal and professional use.

Article by 20 February 2020