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About Jackie Cooper

Jackie Cooper has worked at Ambius, experts in workspace plant design, for over 23 years. She began her career as a technician, and for the last three years has looked after the Dispatch and Interior Service in Scotland and Northern Ireland, working closely with companies to select plants, containers and accessories to improve their interior landscaping.

There’s nothing artificial about the benefits of plants

As wonderful as live plants are, they’re not always suitable for every environment. For example, office plants in large buildings without enough natural light may not always look their best, and having fresh flowers delivered each week may not be the most appropriate or cost effective option for some businesses.

Article by 20 August 2019

Five plants for a healthier and more productive office

In recent years, many offices have transformed from drab, old-fashioned, cubicle-style layouts to modern, open-plan hubs which foster collaboration. In fact, according to Deloitte, office refurbishments outnumber new builds by more than two to one.

Article by 4 June 2019