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About Jack Curzon

Jack is Director of Thomsons’ Consulting department, driving the vision and strategy across all areas of health & wellbeing, retirement & financial wellbeing, scheme design & strategic consulting (including flexible benefits) and engagement & communications.

The teams provide a significant range of market-leading, award-winning consulting solutions to corporate clients and prospects of all sizes, helping companies innovate in delivering benefit solutions for their employees and business needs.

With a background in all things benefit consulting, Jack takes immense pride in his team and their experience and creativity.

Is workplace culture keeping up with technology?

Last year, it was reported that 595,000 workers suffered from work-related stress, depression or anxiety, costing the UK 15.4 million working days. Not only does this diminish workplace productivity, but employees who feel this way are less likely to feel loyal to their company or motivated to give their best performance.

Article by 16 April 2019