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About Jude Jennison

Jude Jennison helps senior leadership teams align through disruptive change. She specialises in leading through uncertainty and works with a herd of horses to uncover non-verbal patterns of behaviour. She combines 17 years senior leadership experience in a global IT organisation with extensive coaching and leadership expertise.

Jude is the author of the book ‘Leading through uncertainty’, host of the podcast and the creator of online courses and masterclasses.

Slow down to speed up

It seems counter-intuitive to slow down when we have busy schedules and a huge To Do list. There’s always something that needs to be done in a hurry. It becomes an ingrained pattern of behaviour. A fast pace can be exciting and exhilarating. It can also be exhausting, disconnecting and lead to burnout.

Article by 11 March 2021

What is the underlying energy of your team?

Using your energy is one of the most effective leadership tools you can use, yet leaders are rarely trained in how to use it. Everyone in the team contributes to the energy, and you often feed off each other, often unconsciously. When you learn to use your energy consciously, you can use it to align a team and find a state of flow.

Article by 4 February 2021

Why vitality trumps resilience

In the last few months, employees have had to upskill rapidly in practical terms – furloughing, new legislation, virtual working, new technology, revised health and safety policies, industry changes. Not to forget home-schooling.

Article by 9 June 2020