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About Ian Pettigrew

Ian Pettigrew runs Kingfisher Coaching with a mission to help people, teams, and organisations to be resilient and realise their strengths. He does this through providing leadership development programmes, workshops on resilience, and both team and individual coaching. Ian is a Gallup-trained strengths coach and is passionate about helping people be authentic leaders. He has a 'weekend job' as a lay minister in the Church of England and is a trustee of Retrak, a charity working to help street children across Africa.

The power of apprenticeships

I'm privileged to do some work with apprentices at The Juice Academy, an employer-led social media apprenticeship programme and I simply want to share some real-life experiences on apprenticeships from three perspectives; my own, employers, and apprentices.

Article by 5 March 2014

Change – Is it worth it?

I was fortunate to hear Rita Gunther McGrath speak about 'The end of competitive advantage' recently in a talk that both excited and scared me. The central theme was that the days of finding 'sustainable competitive advantage' are long gone and that companies will need to behave in a very different way to survive. That scares me because I don't see many organisations doing a good job of delivering change. I'm not basing this on Kotter's statistics on how many change initiatives fail, I'm basing this on what I see around me in organisations and on the stories I hear every day.

Article by 24 February 2014