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About Han Son Lee

Han-Son is the founder of DaddiLife -the UK’s leading platform for Millennial dads, with over 140,000 fathers in the community. He has led a number of programmes on modern day fatherhood, including The Millennial Dad at Work - A comprehensive study of the work/life balance issues affecting today's generation of dads at work, and The Dad Index - the UK’s first piece of research exclusively focussed on millennial fatherhood.

Workplace happiness – Health & Wellbeing – Why we all need to be a bit more flexible

For many decades, workplace mental health has quite literally been shrouded in secrecy, hidden away from teams, and the corporate objectives that follow them. Thankfully things have slowly started to shift as HR leaders have been brave enough to firstly open the debate, and secondly put real action into solving this important issue. After all, this doesn’t just affect our performance at work, but the wider lives of our families too. But as we enter a new more open way of dealing with health and wellbeing in the workplace, it’s worth asking whether the industry is doing enough for groups who may still be vastly under- represented.

Article by 28 November 2019