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About Gayle Mann

Gayle and Lucy-Rose have dedicated the lifetime of their careers to entrepreneuring. As entrepreneurs themselves, coaching them, supporting and championing them. As directors of Entrepreneurial Spark they supported over 4000K entrepreneurs in the World’s Largest Fully Funded Entrepreneurial Accelerator before selling to Royal Bank of Scotland Group in 2018. They are now on a mission to tell the refreshingly honest truth about how it feels to be an entrepreneur every day through their podcast and forthcoming book Misadventures in Entrepreneuring.

What Corporates Can Learn from Disrupters?

Entrepreneurs, misfits, crazy ones, rebels, troublemakers, risk takers and rule breakers. Just a few of the terms used to describe us entrepreneurs over the last 20 years. Since the term ‘entrepreneur’ emerged into everyday vocabulary, entrepreneurs have become synonymous with disruptive style behaviours, which has in turn become synonymous with mythical success and disruptive greatness.

Article by 29 September 2020