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About Gary Cookson

Gary is currently Associate HR Director for the Disclosure & Barring Service. Prior to that, he was HR Director at Trafford College and before that Group HR & OD Integration Lead for The Torus Group. He was also Head of HR & OD for Golden Gates Housing Trust for 11 years, and also has experience of working in HR roles in a call centre, a national charity and an international pharmaceuticals company.

Songs of (ap)prais(al)

Hardly a week goes by without another article about how performance management is changing and how the annual appraisal is dead. Indeed, I blogged about my own thoughts on this around a year ago.

Article by 6 July 2017

Prepare to be boarded

In this blog I'll discuss the importance of creating the right experience for new employees during the onboarding and induction period. In this phase, future levels of engagement by that employee are either set upon a solid foundation or are doomed to failure.

Article by 29 June 2017