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About Christine Husbands

Christine is the Managing Director of RedArc, a specialist company providing long-term help and support to employees, individuals and families suffering from serious illness, disability or bereavement, through its team of highly qualified, registered nurses.

She is proud to be helping so many people at often the most difficult times of their lives, whilst at the same time adding value to a wide range of clients, including employers and insurers.

The case for early intervention in employee mental health conditions

Employees are becoming increasingly aware that some employers go that extra mile to build in added-value services such as mental health support, within their employer-sponsored insurance policies (including Group Income Protection, Group Critical Illness and Group Life Assurance). There is clear evidence to show that early intervention, particularly for mental health conditions is crucial, so employers who do not currently offer this type of support should be asking themselves ‘why not?’

Article by 18 October 2018

Why employees don’t speak out about mental health concerns

Mental ill health covers a very diverse range of conditions with symptoms which fluctuate in frequency, severity and can easily reoccur. It is also often hidden and can affect the ability of the individual to make rational choices .Treatment pathways and patient responses to treatment are often not as predictable as they are for physical conditions. These factors make it very difficult for employers to deal with.

Article by 4 July 2018

Practical solutions to manage mental health in the workplace

Mental health is clearly high on the agenda for employers, not surprising due to awareness campaigns by people such as the royal family, high profile reports of recommendation such as the recent independent review into workplace mental health; Thriving at work report[1] and the government’s response (Improving Lives).

Article by 23 April 2018