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About Christian Hughes

Christian Hughes BSc (Hons) Psychology has worked with teams that contributed to huge success at GB cycling, England Rugby, The British Irish Lions and Tour de France winners, Team Sky. With such an extensive background in psychology, analytics and performance development, he founded MyPeople to help organisations create winning, high performance cultures in the business environment using approaches which have already proved successful in elite sport.

Are you fixated on the scoreboard and not watching the game?

Focusing on the scoreboard would have been disheartening and self-defeating, because scoring 3 goals in 45 minutes would have seemed impossible. So, whether by accident or by design, the players and coaches focused on the game: focused on what they were going to do next to score. They believed if they could score a goal, they could get a foothold in the game. They focused on a set of detailed actions and put everything else out of their minds. They reduced all of their feelings and thoughts into what they were going to do next.

Article by 24 June 2020