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About Chris Preston

Chris Preston is one of the founding partners of The Culture Builders. He has a long history of working with organisations to drive cultural change - focusing on creating positive environments and highly effective workforces. Starting work as a zoo keeper before jumping into corporate and agency work (he swears there are no parallels between the two worlds), Chris’s background and experience is varied and rich. Focusing on L&D and communication, Chris uses these two areas to support change work that leaves lasting benefits.

Looking To Source Informed Candidates? Handle With Care…

The relationship between a company and a candidate is a lot like the dating industry, with the way in which we share information with potential recruits critical to not only attracting the best talent to our company but ensuring a fruitful, long-term relationship for everyone. All companies want the best candidates, however today’s strongest candidates have both the wherewithal, and the tools, to critically analyse organisations before they even get through the door.  This can be both a gift and a curse.

Article by 22 January 2018