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About Chris Furnell

Chris has more than 10 years’ experience delivering practical, collaborative and measurable behaviour change at the enterprise, business unit and functional, and team level. He has completed more than 20 organisation redesign projects across public and private sector, including large multi-national businesses and small to medium enterprises. Chris is an active influencer in the field of organisation design, with regular training, lectures and mentoring of business leaders & practitioners learning the art and science of org design. He is a Certified Organisation Design Professional (CODP) and Board Trustee for the European Organisation Design Forum.

Building Bridges – The Sharing Economy

At the 2018 Peter Drucker Forum, Dave Ulrich posed a question: “how do you help the heroes to succeed?”. He’s referring to what’s known in organisation network analysis as your true influencers. In the same forum, Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Haier, spoke about disrupting the employee experience, and at the same time that of the organisation; shifting from bureaucracy to the ‘three-selves’; self-employed, self-motivated, self-organised.

Article by 7 February 2019

Valuing the truth, over politeness

In a world searching for meaning, conflict offers the opportunity to understand the depth behind individual contribution and to talk openly about the third alternative; because there is rarely only two.

Article by 10 January 2019

Fewer grand gestures – wellbeing

“I would start by clarifying, for me, what fewer grand gestures means and am I comparing this against something? That said, I fully support making incremental, gradual shifts is more likely to result in sticking power, but the key is whatever the change, large or small, the resulting self-care should not be a stressor otherwise it defeats the object i.e. I have stopped meditating as I found it a chore”

Article by 27 November 2018

We’re serious: the end of dating

“We’re serious: this is the end of dating” As I sat calculating my route on the London Underground, an advert caught my eye. eHarmony were making a statement more of us need to consider. And I’m serious. Imagine it really was the end? What would eHarmony become? With this context in mind, I’ll pose a question. It’s a sensitive one, particularly in an age where few people seem to know what’s next, but stick with me for a few minutes:

Article by 6 November 2018

The elephant in the room

In summary: The seat you should be focused on is in the staff canteen Talk to people about their problems, stop guessing everything they need to know Drop perfectionism, start experimenting; the test & learn mentality is highly rewarding Measure everything and use the insight to improve, change or start again Invest in your analytical and storytelling skills

Article by 3 August 2018

Leaders of 2022 and the future

Ronseal: it does exactly what it says on the tin. Familiar with the phrase? Well it has remarkably close resemblance to the role of a Leader in 2022.

Article by 28 March 2018