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About Charles Hipps

Charles Hipps is CEO and Founder of Oleeo. Hipps, a graduate from Oxford University, has worked with many large- and small-sized organizations across a wide variety of industry sectors on e-Recruitment. Some of the organizations he has worked with include Marks & Spencer, Barclays, IBM, PWC, HM Revenues & Customs and The Home Office

Quantity does not hurt quality if it is done with the right determination

It’s an age-old problem for almost all talent acquisition professionals– not only is there a deficit of talent, but many do not actually know what their ‘strongest candidate’ looks like making the art of recruitment seem a more difficult task then it ought to be. So, should recruiters be looking at quantity or be resolute on focusing on quality? In my opinion, it ought to be a hybrid of both.

Article by 12 August 2020