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About Andy Romero-Birkbeck

Andy is a Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Professional with experience in both public health and corporate wellbeing. Although he specialises in health screening and physical fitness he is increasing engaged in the subjects of stress, resilience and mental health.

Andy often speaks at CIPD events in his area of West & North Yorkshire and is always happy to build new professional relations.

Maintaining a great company culture

As your business grows, you must make sure you don’t lose your wellbeing focus. Managing wellbeing is seemingly much easier when you’re dealing with a smaller team. You can keep a close eye on an individual’s temperament, productivity and output. It’s easier to analyse employee retention rates and absenteeism. Your business’s management structure is much simpler.

Article by 22 October 2020

How can wellbeing improve employee attraction and retention?

Employees should always strive to do their best while at work, whatever the circumstance. In practice, however, this simply isn’t the case. Disengaged, unmotivated, unsupported employees are more likely to underperform and even leave a company due to poor workplace culture. It’s simple - people want to be happy. Feeling satisfied, cared about and encouraged leaves us feeling good about ourselves and our situation. This leads to us feeling equipped and empowered to do our best and work to the best of our abilities.

Article by 8 September 2020

The role of wellbeing in a manager’s learning and development

Learning and development is typically thought of as a way to improve the effectiveness of a business and its team. Improving skill sets, enhancing knowledge and assisting your team’s personal and professional growth can have a big impact on your business. Employees will ultimately bring more to the table - using their new-found expertise to boost output. This will help your business to deliver great results, whether you’re offering a product or a service.

Article by 26 August 2020

Promoting workplace wellbeing

A company culture that truly supports workplace wellbeing can be tough to master. It’s all very well and good putting an exciting programme of wellbeing activities in place, but it’s often difficult to get employee buy-in. That’s why it’s important to develop a wellbeing strategy that’s designed around your people. Run insight surveys and questionnaires to find out which areas your employees need further support in. This will help you to identify where you should channel your efforts. For example, if employees are struggling to find time to exercise, why not look into running on-site fitness classes? Similarly, employees may need addition advice and support when it comes to mental health or discussing mental health in the workplace. You can’t truly support your people unless you know what help they really need.

Article by 24 August 2020

HR strategy and planning – Wellbeing’s place in the workplace

There are four key pillars of wellbeing: mental, physical, social and financial. Let’s start by stating the obvious: the lockdown period caused as a result of the coronavirus pandemic has had a serious impact on all four pillars. Those isolating may be suffering from mental health problems such as increased stress, anxiety or depression. Of course, social interactions have depleted and the way we connect with one another has been dependent on technology. Those furloughed or made redundant will be experiencing financial hardship, while the way we budget and our value of money has changed. After all, when’s the last time you went out for a pint or blew your budget on a new wardrobe? Finally, we must all consider the deep impact lockdown has had on our physical health. Working from home has brought about a myriad of physical complications, from musculoskeletal pain through to eye strain and increased headaches.

Article by 1 July 2020

Wellbeing & Performance – 5 tips to help your people thrive.

As more and more organisations are realising the long term benefits of wellbeing investment there’s still many businesses out there lagging behind. We’re often challenged by old school mentalities that either don’t get it or they are just to “Manly” to admit that some people need more support. As a wellbeing provider one of my key roles is to take the non believers and persuade them that looking after their people will both benefit themselves and the organisations.

Article by 12 March 2020

Happiness – How to create a happy workforce

Wellbeing at work is very much the hot topic, largely due to the rising mental illness statistics and increased number of public figures opening up about their personal experiences. To kick things off I want to take a look at the definition of wellbeing. This is very much a personal perception but is generally defined as a persons health and happiness. We know that health is generally measurable, for example I could take your heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol profile and various other biological measures and provide you with a cardiovascular risk score. Health is measurable!

Article by 6 November 2019

Keeping Wellbeing Alive

In previous blogs I have written about the rationale, the planning and implementation of a great wellbeing programme, but what about keeping it going? This I have found can be one of the more common struggles organisations face when running a programme. As a wellbeing provider we often get brought in to initiate the launch and drum up some excitement. Continued responsibility is something organisations sometimes pass on to their HR team to manage or nominated employees, who by the way are often already stretched!

Article by 30 July 2019