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Planning A Wellbeing Programme

Having worked with a large number of organisations from different sectors I have been given a great insight into what works well and what completely misses the mark when it comes to running an employee wellbeing programme.  In this blog I have compiled my top three tips for planning a successful programme.

Article by 3 January 2018

Hormones & Work

Firstly you need to know the importance of Hormones.   Melatonin enables you to get to sleep and Cortisol wakes you up.  We obviously need both, but in the right balance and at the right time.   If you produce too much Cortisol leading up to bedtime it’s likely you’ll have a lower quality sleep.  If you don’t have enough through the day you’ll feel tired and be less productive.

Article by 7 November 2017

When the only exercise is ticking boxes

The easiest thing in the world is to throw money at a EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) and expect it to work but employees are too smart for that. They can smell a “tick box” exercise from a mile off. Some of the best Organisations I have worked with often spend the least but what they do is spend time planning and creating a culture of wellbeing aka “The Holy Grail”.

Article by 5 October 2017