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Business is a team sport

Neck and neck, across the line, teed up, dropped a ball, take a punt – all sound familiar? It’s not new or unusual to use sports terminology in business when there are so many similarities. Translating these recounts to the business world is not a difficult leap. Inspiring leadership, trust, a growth mindset, and valued teamwork are all necessary components of a successful business. In business and in sport, results don’t just happen by themselves but rely on three key elements: performance, opportunity, and engagement.

Article by 19 February 2021

Digitalisation cannot replace human skills

The technical and business skills are there in the background. Our real challenge – and the area for significant upskilling – sits in the ‘inter-personal’ skills quadrant. Boring repetitive tasks can be delegated to AI and automation, but ‘soft’ skills are an area we should be focusing if we want to be truly relevant to our clients.

Article by 18 February 2021