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Essential checklist for recruiters hiring 100% remotely

In this specific article we're going to talk about the entire process of hiring candidates from anywhere you're situated! We have included a checklist that can also be used to recruit with utmost care. Keep reading to learn more.

Article by 6 May 2021

How to achieve diversity and inclusion aspirations using data

New technological advances and methodologies are now making it easier for HR leaders to understand and improve their (D&I) strategies by using data and analytics. This includes: • Developing a Drivers of Representation (DoR) metric to evaluate how well an organisation is achieving its corporate D&I targets • Identifying any problem areas or departments affected by unconscious bias Organisations are increasingly prioritising the improvement of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in the workplace but have been traditionally restricted by the data they can access, alongside the level of analysis it is capable of performing. A diverse and inclusive organisation is more likely to attract and retain a wider pool of talent, foster innovation, build resilience and perform better financially.

Article by 5 May 2021

Year 2035: The Boardroom of the Future

The new digital world is powerful and one full of exciting opportunities, enabling us to think intuitively, with an analytical mindset on what is possible. If you have watched Star Trek, you may recall Mister Data, a self-aware, sentient, and anatomically fully-functional android with computational capabilities. He is a synthetic life form with artificial intelligence, has superior mental skills and offers an ‘outsider's’ perspective on humanity. Maybe that’s a board member of the future?

Article by 3 May 2021

Essentials of workforce planning at this stage of the pandemic

HR leaders have been at the forefront of managing the Covid-19 crisis to sustain businesses. They have played a central role in ensuring workforce engagement and efficiency. As the country gears to tide through the second wave, it’s imperative for HR leaders to maximise efforts towards workforce planning and deal with the crisis’ aftermath.

Article by 1 May 2021

Businesses must learn the lessons of Euro Super League fiasco

Most importantly, though, all businesses must put their customers at the heart of everything they do. And when it comes to football, customers are in a league of their own. I might choose to do my big shop at Tesco one week, then quite happily go to Morrison’s the next, but football isn’t like that. “Customers” stay with their club for life; their loyalty is unwavering and it needs to be reciprocated.

Article by 29 April 2021

Outplacement Services: carrot or stick for departing execs?

When downsizing occurs, outplacement services are standard fare for senior leaders. Partnering with specialized firms enables organizations to recognize corporate executives for their contributions, demonstrate a strong employment brand and ultimately, ease the transition for both the departing leader and the company.

Article by 26 April 2021

How to re-build confidence in the workforce

Employers need to help workers get a 360-degree view of what is happening around them – so they can feel secure and build confidence in an uncertain world.

Article by 19 April 2021

The strategic value of Apprenticeships post Covid-19

Stephen Crawley, Chief Operating Officer at one of the UK’s foremost apprenticeship providers, Skills Training UK, gives his expert insight on how apprenticeships training can re-engage employees and support the achievement of strategic goals.

Article by 15 April 2021